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27 November 2006 @ 08:20 am
Now that all of the next gen consoles are out, which do you believe is the best overall. I mean technologically, pricing, game and everything else that might be important to you. Be forewarned that I am a technophile and get very invested into conversations about technology. Also, I have several friends who work for major technology and video games, so I get some extra perspective that I am able to enjoy. To start it off, I personally dig the Wii and while not a powerhouse, I think that as a piece of hardware, it is at least much more elegant than its competitors.

I personally hate the Playstation 3 from a hardware stand point, although it is highly likely I will get one if the few series I remain faithful to wind up on it.

I like the Xbox 360 a lot, but it certainly falls prey to some poor design choices as well.

If anyone responds, I will certainly go far more in depth into what I like and dislike about each console, provided that you do as well :)

Update: Some explanations
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Ha, beat you to it Kaze, though it totally was your quote!

Anywho, I bought Okami today. It is radtastic. It's probably not my favorite game of all time but it's definitely top 10 and likely top 5; the art direction is incredible, and that combined with the solid controls, innovative gameplay and simple but brilliant story pushes it far above even excellent "artsy" games like Shadow of the Colossus.

Speaking of Shadow of Colossus, I had come up a pretty interesting plot bunny that makes use of the basic scenario. It's (as usual) a Naruto crossover, and I call it "Sasuke and the Colossus!" The basic premise is that Sasuke appeals to Dormin to revive his clan and goes on a quest to slay the Collosi in hopes of resurrecting the Uchiha clan. I think that it has a lot of appeal for me, because it gives Sasuke a chance to star in a fic without a lot of the usual angst and traditional "I am mega bastard Sasuke" that's usually thrown in for good measure. It would simply be Sasuke on his own scouring the land in search of a bunch of uber-bosses, and I think it could be awesome, provided that someone actually write it of course :)

Edit: Has anyone seen the previews for the new season of Drawn Together? I daresay that they are the funniest commercials ever....Especially the scene where Captain Hero is being attack and yells out a quick, "Activate Hero Shield!," and grabs a civilian girl who he proceeds to hold in front of him in the form of a human shield. Fucking brilliant! Ha XD
I'm going to do something that I never imagined that I might do, ever. I am going to defend Kakashi!

Now of course, some of you might be asking,"Why would someone as totally incredible as Ero-Kitsune defend that bastard Kakashi?" I know I am, asking that is.

Let me start by saying that while I do loathe Kakashi to the ends of the Earth (Country), I still loathe, even moreso, when he is mutilated by "authors". Aside from training someone, usually Naruto, Sasuke or some 133t OC, he's always either on missions that don't involve Team 7 or he is reprising his role of Gary-Stu of the moment.

It is certainly viable to think that Kakashi would train a genin here or there, as it is technically his job, even if he blows hardcore at it. The problem is that we never get the full picture when it comes to training with Kakashi; the typical fic has him teach some basic chakra control and maybe Chidori if he's particular motivated to teach, but rarely do we see anything substantial being taught by the supposedly strongest active Jounin and shinobi who has over 20 years of service put in. Aside from him magically being promoted to jounin, there has to be another plausible explanation to why he deserves that rank, or in other words, he should know some fucking stuff about some shinobi, ya dig?!?!

The other role that Kakashi likes to fulfill is that of the uber-arrogant asshole/Gary-Stu. Sure, he's pretty good at it, especially if Kishimoto has his say, but the fact is that we've yet to see anything truly impressive from him. He's listed as the strongest active jounin in Konoha and that's certainly possible, but if that were the case, then why did the council completely ignore him as a candidate for Hokage when he was obviously more qualified than anyone else present; Tsunade hadn't even been a ninja for like 20 years, not to mention she abandoned Konoha.

What I am building up to is this: Kakashi is indeed very strong, possibly Kage level/S-rank, but he makes a bunch of stupid mistakes because of how confident he is; his mistakes means that his actual overall fighting level is reduced. He isn't capable of fighting evenly with guys like Orochimaru or Itachi because they are incredibly meticulous and frankly just have more ability than he does. I have no problems with a Kakashi who is quite powerful, but when he's ridiculously overpowered, you're ruining what's actually GOOD, though there isn't much, about him; he's human and subject to fallibility.

I might go in-depth on Kakashi and his personality(disorder) next time, but in the mean time, as long as you plan to write Kakashi into your fics, make him believable. He can actually be pretty cool, when he's not written like fucking idiot.
24 September 2006 @ 01:58 pm
Bah, I've been stuck entertaining relatives this weekend. It blows hardcore.

Though I don't have much time to myself, I did have enough time to think up this amusing thought.

The real reason Kakashi didn't want to teach Naruto Chidori: Assuming that Kakashi is right about Naruto's chakra capacity, then Naruto could theoretically do over 400 Chidori in one day. Talk about feeling inadequate; Sasuke maxed out at 2 :)
04 September 2006 @ 03:17 pm
Today, I thought that since I have not posted in such a long time that I might share some fic ideas(and possibly theories if I have time) that you might be interested in. These are all ideas I have no plans to use, so if anyone is inspired, please feel free to use them. Also, I am interested in hearing plot ideas from other people, but be warned. Anything posted here is free game for anyone who stumbles upon my lonesome LJ, so in other words, don't post anything you might use in the future.

Idea #1: Naruto flees immediately after hearing Iruka make the disparaging remark about Kyuubi and is unable to hear Iruka finish explaining himself. It is a subtle change, but one that could certainly have profound impacts such as Naruto giving up on ever being accepted or possibly quitting his attempts to become a ninja. I don't however believe that Naruto would become Gaara Pt. 2. While it is possible for Naruto to have ended up like Gaara, he wouldn't transform in the course of day and neither did Gaara. It wasn't until Gaara had been the target of his father and had dealt with the insanity bestowed upon him by Shukkaku, so essentially, Gaara was put through the ringer a fair bit more than Naruto at this point.

Idea #2: This idea is a sort of a ripoff of It's a Wonderful Life. Naruto asks, "What if I had never been born?" Now this is a doozy of a plot and basically the reason I never bothered with it. For starters, Konoha would be SOL without a vessel for Kyuubi, but of course someone else could have easily filled this role. Then the problem of the personality of the new vessel and how strong their will is in comparison to Naruto. Of course we all know that Kakashi, Sasuke, Sakura, Tsunade, Lee, Neji, and Chouji would all likely be dead or left to a life of never having been a shinobi ever again. And all that is just for starters, not to mention that someone would have to write it in such a way that Naruto can see what an impact his life has made/would make, while avoiding the dread "Naruto's POV"

I have several more ideas to post, but I'll save those for next time. If people are interested in those then I will post more, but if not, then I haven't wasted more time than necessary typing :)

Moving on, I think that even though these are plots per se, they are some pretty nifty thoughts that could be worked into fics.

An Average Naruto- While I am one to adhere to the Naruto=Prodigy rule of thumb, most authors simply can't write it and destroy the fic in the process. Having Naruto fight off Orochimaru in the chuunin exams is stupid and doesn't make sense. If Naruto had been that strong, why is it that he doesn't graduate until he's like 13? Conversely, I loate fics with "idiot Naruto" where he is even less capable than in canon. Naruto had been a fairly talented student in canon with trouble in the areas of Chakra control, a short attention span and a strong desire to prove himself through childish whims he wasn't a total moron, simply uneducated and was raised without a proper role model. Iruka didn't accept Naruto until like 1 day before he became a genin and according to Naruto, Iruka is the first person to accept him. I think that a fic where Naruto manages to be an average student would be a refreshing change from, I R stupid or I am stronger than Orochimaru, but don't feel like being Hokage right now fics.

Someone besides Gai being the deafault Taijutsu Mastah!- ANY Jounin could help a genin become proficient in Taijutsu and the only reason to ever have a genin go to Gai is if they are in a similar condition to Lee or for Gai to oversee their training temporarily because Jounin-sensei is off on some S-class mission or something. Aside from that, I highly doubt that in an entire village of Shinobi, that there isn;t at least 1 other shinobi who specializes in Taijutsu and could even rival Gai. I mean, one would think that ANBU must be pretty good at it because I doubt giant fire dragons are ideal for stealth work.

Hinata actually using Jyuuken!- It's amazing how often someone thinks that she'll just be perfect as a medic-nin, because I am sure that none of the Hyuuga's are gonna be like "Hey, why isn't our future leader using Jyuuken?!?!" The other complaint is this, while Naruto is someone who could possibly be classified as a neglected genius, Hinata isn't. A little bit of confidence might help, but she's completely outclassed by nearly everyone. She's been trained by the strongest Jyuuken user since she could walk and she still sucks at it, Naruto being all "Hey Hinata-chan! You really should be more confident" isn't going to suddenly improve her abilities ten fold.

Not everyone being a jounin or Anbu by like the age of 18- Not gonna Happen. There are probably only 5 shinobi who could possibly make Jounin or ANBU in their teens. Sakura, Hinata, Ino, Chouji, Lee and Kiba aren't likely to make jounin before their mid twenties. And out of them, only Kiba seems remotely suited for ANBU which handles assassination missions. It's okay that they're not all super geniuses, not everyone in Konoha is. Kurenai didn't make jounin until she was nearly 30, but no one seems to think any less of her.

A well written scene for when Naruto explains about Kyuubi to someone- I have yet to see even one decently written scene regarding this, even Kishimoto fucked it up. Though I always thought it might be amusing to see Lee and Gai's reaction.

Lee: Naruto-kun, your fire of youth is able to burn back the fires of Kyuubi! Yosh, I too will become a vessel for a tailed demon so that I might rival your youthfullness! If I cannot become a demon vessel than I shall carve your face into the side of the mount using only my Konoha Senpuu technique!

Gai: And if he is unable to carve your face accurately, then I will become a missing-nin and join Akatsuki in order to relieve you of your burden!

Lee: Gai-sensei!


See ya later suckers.
04 July 2006 @ 10:14 pm
I decided to take a quiz to find out which Naruto Character I am most like and this is what it happens to be:

.:What character from Naruto are you?:. (20 results with pics)

Itachi: You're Uchiha Itachi. A rather mysterious person. You're rather vicious from what people can tell. Most people would be wise to stay away from you. You seem pretty cool though.
Take this quiz!

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I find myself surprised as I didn't think this is who I would end up with, but upon further review, if I had bothered to look more closely at the questions I could've probably picked exactly who I wanted. Oh well. I guess Itachi isn't so bad.
13 May 2006 @ 06:57 pm
A poem for the lovely psyched_kagura:

Dearest Kagura,

Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
My virtual heart skips a beat,
At each LJ update from you.

I think Carpal Tunnel has set in,
Hours of typing that has left my hands numb.
In truth dear Kagura truly you're worth it,
with your personna so sweet as the nectar of plum.

I spent weeks waiting for you,
Waiting for your breakdown of Naruto Chapter 305.
Hurry up Kishimoto, publish it already,
I need Kagura's words so that I know she's still alive.

To say that you're amazing isn't enough,
True greatness like yours is fleeting my sweet dove.
Come hither dear Kagura, set your eyes on this,
This veritable cornucopia of love.


I hope it was okay, I hate poetry.....it is hard to make things rhyme....no wonder rappers always seem so pissed off.....

P.S. If you find spelling mistakes, I am sorry, let me know....I am apparently blind today as I keep finding them only now....
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06 May 2006 @ 08:44 pm
The coolest idea evar!11!!!

If you like Bleach, even if just a little, you need to follow these links. They will change your life, and inspire you! Bleach just became the coolest Intellectual Property evar!! Take that Bill Gates!1!!11!

This is the first one you should check out!

This is the second one!!!!

This is the last one!11!

If you can't enjoy these, then you should die!

I am going to work on a real post tonight, but this should hold you guys over :)
01 May 2006 @ 08:32 pm
Ah, I had a bad weekend and I apologize to those that I have managed to fall out of touch with. I especially apologize to Kagura as I had promised her a rant and never managed to post it. I had written said rant and several more, but I kept sidetracked and this weekend my computer died a death worthy of the Hokages. It lost a battle with an electrical storm no jutsu!

Anyway, aside from the rants I also lost close to 50,000 words of work that I had been working on. I had roughly 30,000 words down between two stories for Naruto and 20,000 for an original fic that I had planned to share Kagura, Kaze and some others and that's what has me most bummed out right now. :(

The bad news is that I had nothing backed up because I was too lazy to do that, but the good news is that I am going to just re-write everything. Prior to doing so however I am going to make a post outlining what I had written and get some feedback in the hopes I can pick and choose what I should work on and what priority each work should take.

Naruto Movie 2

I watched it last night and it was pretty cool. It definitely supports my theory that Naruto would've looked much cooler with the Sharingan than Sasuke ever could have hoped to. The main protagonist has blond hair and red eyes and it is a surprisingly nice fit :) Naruto's character and Shikamaru's character were both fabulously portrayed and that bastard Kakashi, I hate Kakashi with every ounce of my being, was not in said movie. If it weren't for Yukie from the first movie being so hot and the whole snow ninja thing and touching story of the first movie, the lack of Kakashi alone could have made the second movie the best Naruto work ever.

I would kill for a good Naruto=Uchiha or Naruto!Sharingan fic. I would also be pleased to see a good Naruto has a bloodline fic, for what it is worth. These are major cliche's and I would love to see what a talented author could do with it. I would write them myself, but I am pretty lazy, and I don't consider myself a talented or smart author :) (Hint: Feel free to correct me and praise my awesomeness!)
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26 April 2006 @ 09:15 pm
I've been tagged by psyched_kagura and darkwindkaze and therefore here are 6 wierd things about me:

1. I can sleep with my eyes open, but I can't control when I do. I figured this out in highschool when I was given multiple detentions for insubordination and I didn't remember even being asked to do anything. A good friend of mine started watching to see what was up and there you have it.

2. I am oddly attracted to short girls, not like midgets or anything, but I've never dated a girl over the height of 5'4....I've never dated anyone shorter than 4'11 though either, not counting pre-highschool....I mean fully grown.

3. I have double jointed fingers and have managed to abuse this fact to multiple ends. I have been let out of at least 1 class every year I've ever attended school for a "broken" or "dislocated" finger.

4. I have used comic strips and my odd sense of dry humor to get dates and talk my way out trouble. I also happen to be very capable of selling stuff as I am apparently charming which is odd because I don't tend to seek out friends or companions. It may not be that odd, but it seems to be a trait that most lone-wolf types lack. I also tend to hangout with people who are not very popular and often turn down invitations to parties and social functions to go play mario kart with my friends who are the social rejects of my highschool.

5. I am the only male in my family that I know of who has not been incarcerated and who does not generally get into fights, physical or otherwise. Most of the people in my family are incredibly hot headed and I just tend to remain generally apathetic to most explosive situations.

6. I have an incredible fascination with vampires and with that I was in fact a vampire. It may just be the whole free food thing, but I suspect that there is something more to it. I am known to often walk in circles and imagine what life would be like as a vampire when I should be working or if I think that I am alone. I suppose that I still daydream about being a vampire is pretty embarrasing, but I don't give a shit.

I don't know how interesting that is, but there it is